TikTok For Small Business: Should You Go All-In or Fold?

Businesses have long had to keep up with the times to remain relevant, and things are no different today. In fact, our technology-driven world contributes to trends changing at an even faster pace than they used to, making it even more important for business owners and digital marketers to stay on their toes. TikTok is one such example of what’s currently hot in the marketing world.

Shoaib Khan

There’s plenty of buzz around TikTok these days, and not only in the entertainment  realm. While funny videos are a great way to pass the time, many business owners are  unaware of the marketing goldmine that TikTok can become for them, if they would only  use it to their advantage.

But is TikTok right for small businesses, or is it better for larger corporations? Should  you go all in and get your brand involved in the vast universe that is TikTok, or should  you give it a miss? These are perfectly understandable questions that you should  absolutely know the answer to before making a decision on the matter. 

Thankfully, this post will highlight all the great ways TikTok can benefit your business  and help you along the decision-making path. Read on for some great points to  consider, along with a few tips to help your marketing efforts make the most impact: 

Reach a Wider Audience 

As a small business owner, you might make the mistake of thinking that a local (or  small) audience is best when it comes to your business. While this may be true in some  cases depending on several factors, the general consensus among business owners is  that reaching more potential customers is the best way to ensure a consistent influx of  new business. This is where the power of the internet comes in extremely handy! 

There are plenty of helpful ways to use digital marketing to promote your business,  though not all of them pack the same punch that TikTok might in the audience numbers  department. Social media ads, blog posts, and YouTube videos are all great for  connecting potential customers with your brand, this is true. But it’s no secret that  TikTok is ever-growing in popularity, and this can be leveraged to contribute to your  business in positive ways. 

Location Freedom 

Digital marketing is quite inclusive in its ability to reach high numbers of people, but  even the internet has its limits. For example, a search for a business such as yours in  country A would be unlikely to yield results from country B, and for good reason: the 

search engine makes sense of this and tries to place your search within the most  convenient parameters.  

However, there’s a lot to be said for doing business in the international market, which is  another helpful feature that TikTok provides. How so? Well, TikTok spans the globe,  meaning potential customers thousands of miles away can view your videos, and then  go on to decide to give you their business. This expands your horizons well beyond  what other forms of digital marketing can accomplish, making TikTok a great choice for  your brand yet again! 

Increased Demand for Video Marketing  

With your status as business owner comes the need to be in the know. What this means  is keeping up with the latest trends in marketing, demand, and what your target market  gets the most value from — in order to remain as relevant and visible as possible within  your chosen business niche. One of the most important things to stay aware of as a  small business owner is the current marketing trends.  

Marketing trends are ever-evolving, and right now video is the most in-demand media  platform for users worldwide. This means that the small businesses that are utilizing  video in their marketing efforts are seeing exponential growth, while those relying on  more outdated methods are growing more slowly. This isn’t to say that other forms of  digital marketing don’t work; they absolutely do. However, video is currently the most  popular form of marketing, which is why TikTok is so helpful. 

Time is a Factor 

Thanks to our increasing reliance on technology, the human attention span is a fraction  of what it once was. Though we used to easily sit through long lectures and  presentations, we now have the option to keep scrolling whenever something fails to  keep our attention. Our boredom factor is increasing as our attention span dwindles,  leaving very little time for businesses to get their point across in their marketing efforts  before something else suddenly seems much more interesting. 

This is where TikTok comes in extra handy: the videos you create are short and sweet,  leaving the viewer wanting to know more. This, in turn, leads to increased interest in  your business, encouraging the viewer to search for more of your content, and leading  them to eventually connect with you through other platforms. The old adage “leave them  wanting more” is as true as ever, and TikTok helps you to achieve just that. 

Straight to the Point 

There’s always been something a little intimidating about coming across as too “sales-y”  while attempting to bring in new business. People are quite adept at figuring out when  they’re being sold to, which requires craftier and more creative marketing efforts. This is  not to say that being creative isn’t important by any means — quite the opposite. But 

knowing that you’re approaching an audience that actually expects you to be pitching  them makes it easier to be more natural in your efforts. 

TikTok is already well known as a marketplace, with over 150 markets utilizing its  benefits worldwide since it started in 2016. This essentially means that you’re marketing  to potential customers that will be more open to your message, as they’re well aware of  the fact that TikTok is used widely to connect businesses with new clients. They’ll also  help to share your message with other TikTok users, which is yet another advantage of  being able to get straight to the point! 

How to Make the Most of Your TikTok Marketing Efforts

So, now that you know what benefits TikTok can bring to your business, how can you go  about getting your message heard by the right people? Here are a few ideas to consider  while you’re creating your content: 

Identify Your Target Market 

Most business owners know that marketing efforts are better spent when they’re pointed  in the right direction. Knowing your target market before setting out to create your  content will allow you to focus your efforts onto what really matters. This helps to save  you time, money, and headaches in the long run, as you won’t be wasting your efforts  on viewers that don’t mesh well with your mission.  

Utilize Ads 

While it might seem like your TikTok videos are the ads for your business, you can  actually take this one step further by utilizing the ad options offered within the platform.  This will boost your exposure even more, allowing you to reach a wider audience  without doing too much extra work. There are several types of ads available on TikTok,  including in-feed ads, branded hashtags, top view ads, and more. You can decide which  ones fit well with your business and make them work for you! 

Be Authentic 

Even though TikTok users are open to sales pitches, it doesn’t mean they’ll appreciate  content that’s been done a thousand times or seems ingenuine. Being authentic means  different things for different people, but the overall idea is to be yourself as much as  possible. This is the place to allow your quirks to shine, which will show viewers that  you’re a real person and allow them to make a genuine connection with you. 

Be Interesting 

To capture the attention of potential customers, you’ll have to get creative in order to  pique their interests. This means thinking outside the box, being fun, bright, and loud at  times, and making it difficult to ignore you — but in the best way. This is your chance to  shine as a business owner, and don’t worry: being fun doesn’t mean you’re  unprofessional. Business owners are people, too, and TikTok users appreciate this more  than anyone!

Be Open 

Connecting with your audience is a huge part of gaining their trust, so it’s important to  keep the lines of communication open. Responding to comments, answering questions,  and honoring requests are all great ways to make your audience feel important, while at  the same time building the important rapport you need to gain their business. With time,  your openness will pay off in the form of a loyal following — and plenty of regular  customers! 

TikTok Helps Small Businesses Grow 

So, there you have it: multiple reasons why TikTok could be a great asset to your  business. For an even better chance at meeting your marketing goals, talk with a growth  partner like Clearoute. Their helpful team are well-versed in all marketing trends and are  happy to help you create solutions that make the difference in your business! 

Shoaib Khan
Shoaib Khan is the Founder of Clearoute Inc. and has led the agency for over 20 years.